Motor testing stands allow testing of large rewound electric motors, even if your shop doesn't have the current to test them.

NEW: Affordable AC and DC motor testing stands

Don't have enough current in your shop to test large motors? This is no longer a problem with SID-TEC's very affordable Motor Testing Stands, available in desk and cabinet models. Our Testing Stands have AC and DC options and can test up to 575 Volts and up to 500 HP.

We will update, retrofit and rewire your machinery to make it better than new

So many companies operate with aging equipment that requires constant maintenance and way too much downtime. SID-TEC will build the custom motor controls you need to breathe new life into your equipment so that it JUST WORKS!

Read actual customer case studies

With more than 35 years of experience in Industrial Drive and Controls Integration, SID-TEC has been able to solve machine and motor control problems that have baffled other engineers. We provide all aspects of electrical engineering and design, panel building, software configuration for motor control systems and other industrial process automation.

Read through some of our Case Studies and Testimonials to see the successes we've had with other companies in solving their motor drives to eliminate wear, update aging and faulty controls, and bring their machines back to productive life. You shouldn't have to work with downtime, dangerous conditions and continuing maintenance. SID-TEC's engineers can work out the bugs and create modern controls, cabinets and programming to READ CASE STUDIESlet you simply get on with your job.

NEW: Government guidelines on best practices for motor controlled machinery

U.S. Department of Energy standards and guidelines for electric motors and motor controllers. Engineering technical notes.We've posted three new PDF documents from the U.S. Department of Energy that recommends methods for maximizing the life and usefulness of your electric motor controlled manufacturing or automation equipment. SID-TEC can help you maintain your machinery in accordance with these guidelines that will extend the life of your equipment and save on electricity bills.

Providing service and support to the following industries:

  Arc Furnaces

  Bulk Handling

  Electrical Energy Plants

  Electricity Transformers

  Film Handling


  Mining Equipment

  Monorail Trains

  Motor Rewiring

  Movable Bridges


  Paper Mills


  Plastics Extrusion


  Steel Slitting

  Transportation Vehicles

  Wire Drawing

...and many other large and small companies that mill, machine, manufacture or assemble products using electric motor-driven machinery...

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